We are pleased to welcome Coach Sean from Califonia, USA. Black belt.
Sean comes from Northern California and started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2009. He has been competing in various tournaments and rulesets since 3 months into his white belt and continues to compete and challenge himself throughout every belt level over the years.
Primarily interested in the self defense applications of Jiu-Jitsu he favors simplistic and basic Jiu-Jitsu in his instruction and focuses on maintaining longevity and healthy training methods.

Sean was promoted to the rank of Black belt on December 4th 2017, under highly respected and accomplished International Athlete Eliot Kelly of Team Yemaso Jiu-Jitsu. Sean has experience teaching all levels of Jiu-Jitsu since purple belt as well as private instruction. He has experience competing in Ibjjf, Sjjif, Jjwl, Gracie, Bjj tour as well as local and pro tournaments in both the adult and master divisions. Sean is looking forward to teaching this season with the Emerald Muay Thai Team.

-2017 JJWL World Championship – Brown M1 – Gold
-2015/2017 SJJIF World Championship – Brown M1- Silver & Bronze,
-2015/2014 US Open Championship – Brown M1- Silver / Purple M1- Gold,
-2014 IBJJF American Nationals – Purple M1- Bronze,
-2015 IBJJF San Francisco Open- Brown M1- Silver,
-2015 IBJJF Santa Cruz Pro -Brown M1- Bronze,
-2014 BJJ Tour’s All Stars Tournament- Purple M1- Gold,
-2014 American Cup- Purple M1- Bronze x2.